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A Great week in Borneo

Well the time has come to pack up the camera, regs and the travel wings (yes no wetsuit for obvious reasons!!). Sipadan, despite the average visibility has provided some nice wide angle opportunities as well as macro from Mabul and Si Amil. We have been able to see all the usual suspects - the huge school of jacks, barracuda..even bumphead parrotfish found unusually at mid reef late morning around 9am just under a small barracuda school. Conditions have been slightly less than ideal with lots of particles in the water from recent rains. Lets see how the photos do turn out despite this. Certainly, with my last 60 dives in South East Asian waters since the start of the year - the nice 27-28C water temps have really upset my appetite for the cold waters of Perth. However it has been no doubt rather challenging to be able to compete in this year's UF11 and puts a real new perspective to try to concentrate on getting an exciting shot instead of the usual happy snappy holiday mode. Thanks to Tim for this opportunity and really hope this format is followed in future comps!  

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