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Whales and white coral

Today I headed to Rottnest Island with my hubby and two photographer mates.  We departed a little later to take advantage of the dropping winds and the ride over was fairly smooth. 

Our first stop was north of the island where we also spotted whales breaching.  Such a wonderful sight to see them close to the island as the migrate south.  The dive site was 18 metres on top, dropping down to 34 metres.  The vis was pretty good given the conditions we've had all week and there was plenty to see and photograph.  There were nudis galore, baldchin groper, footballer sweep, bulleyes and black coral trees.  However, it was sad to see all the bleached plate corals as we descended, bright spots on the dark reef.

We spent our surface interval looking for whales while sipping hot soup and munching down chocolate and jelly snakes.

We zoomed over to the south of the island for a dive at Crystal Palace.  This site has fantastic huge caves to explore.  A school of buff bream was hanging out in one cave and there were some octopus, loads of corals and sponges and anemones, and more nudis.

An easy ride back to the boat ramp with the breeze dropping further.  Now it's time for a shower and pizza!


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