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Sorting and choosing

Wow, the Festival has come and gone and what a great 10 days it was.  Loads of presentations hosted by WAUPS and Perth Scuba and we all managed a few dives in the less than ideal conditions.

Now it's time to sort through the images and choose those worth submitting.  One thing we learned from Shannon Conway on launch night was "you've got to be in it to win it".  So, despite the awful sea conditions over here in Perth, I am determined to find 5 shots to submit to the UF11 shootout competition.

We are also holding a local photo competition for those who took photos in West Australian waters during the Festival.  It will provide us sandgropers with a bit more of an even playing field - no warm, clear water for us!

So, my next few nights will be spent sorting and choosing.  And I think the dust spot removal tool will be my new best friend!

Good luck everyone.

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