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Underwater Festival Blog

Underwater Festival Road Trip

With the Underwater Festival quickly approaching, I think it's time to list the Dive sites and the dates we will be diving.


Day 1: 02/09/11. Clovelly Pools Night Dive + Shark Point in the Morning. Sydney

Day 2: 03/09/11. Fly Point. Port Stephens

Day 3: 04/09/11. Fish Rock. South West Rocks

Day 4: 05/09/11. Julian Rocks. Byron Bay

Day 5: 06/09/11. Ex HMAS Brisbane. Mooloolaba

Day 6: 07/09/11. Wolf Rock. Rainbow Beach

Day 7: 08/09/11. Chochrane Reef. Baragara

Day 8: 09/09/11. Rest Driving day

Day 9: 10/09/11. Yongala. Ayr

Day 10: 11/09/11. Agincourt Reef. Port Douglas


It's going to be a adventure and we invite anybody to join and dive with us on any part of the journey.


For more information please email me




Here is a quick video I filmed last week on a night dive at The Gold Coast Seaway:

Night Water from kieren curry on Vimeo.

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