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Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 1

We've landed in Sydney!

Jase, Seanna, Kieren and Nick.

Road trip group shot
















After getting picked up by Nick we went straight to his place in Maroubra to set up our cameras for our planned night dive at Clovelley Pools just past midnight.

We were all pretty keen after months of planning the logistics of a 10-day road and diving drip from Sydney to Port Douglas.

Unfortuantely we showed up at Clovelley Pools ready to go at 12.15am only to find a tidal wave in the normally protected pools. Nick, being the local, made the call to can the dive. It looked like Shark Point, our preferred dive for later that morning, was also out with 5 metre swells predicted.

Nick recommended we dive Manly's protected Shelley Beach and promised us we'd find lots of Port Jackson sharks. We picked up our "sweet" ride, a Jucy van:



Then it was off to do the first dive of our epic Underwater Festival road trip at Shelley Beach, where we ran into Cam Williams from the Weekend Today show, who was filming a segment on the PJs and Sydney's diving.

The weather was overcast but the water looked calm and inviting. The site features a nice gearing up area, which makes it easy to set up your gear before setting off to the beach:

gearing up at Shelley Beach

And here's the "desert" crossing to get to the water:


Shelley Beach


After a short surface swim we descended into cool 17C water. The visibility was only 5 or 6 metres with quite a few particles in the water. But straight away we had a PJ swim up to us, followed by a dozen more during the dive. 

Seanna was the sensible one and stayed close to the wall and after the dive had a short, 5-minute surface swim back. The three boys surfaced somewhere near New Zealand and had a 20-minute swim back.

Quick clean down, pack the car and off to see Jim and Cherie in Nelson Bay where we'll be diving Seahorse Gardens and Fly Point tomorrow!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Dave
    Dave on 09/05/2011 9:25 a.m.
    nice work although you didnt look very hard if you only saw 12 PJs :-) ... you arrived as we were coming out after removing a large sinker from a wobby ... great road trip will be following your progress "up hill"

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