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Archives Sept. 3, 2011

Underwater Festival Blog

Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 2

Good morning Nelson Bay.....

We woke up at Jim and Cherie's place, our dive buddies and local guides for this leg of the trip. Nick chose to give the Jucy van's "penthouse" a try and doubled as guard dog for all of our dive gear.

Nick van


It was a ...

Teaching and learning

A great day of teaching and learning over here in Perth.

Joseph Bicanic walked us through his underwater videography journey and shared hints and tips for video.  Behaviour is one of the things that video captures so well - from a fish snatching it's prey to a squid flashing it ...

Liberty Wreck and Schooling Jacks

An early start at 6.30am, considering this is also supposed to be a holiday. Liberty Wreck before the masses didn't disappoint with schooling jacks and great visibility. It's great to be back in the water. Hoping everyone else is having a great and safe festival so far!