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Underwater Festival Blog

Teaching and learning

A great day of teaching and learning over here in Perth.

Joseph Bicanic walked us through his underwater videography journey and shared hints and tips for video.  Behaviour is one of the things that video captures so well - from a fish snatching it's prey to a squid flashing it's colours.

Peter Nicholas shared some stunning images of models in underwater photography.  Silhouettes, divers in profile, interacting with marinelife, creative use of lighting, even posed pool shots.  I think we all want to steal his wife Margy the next time we need a diver for our shots!

Danny Messom topped off the day with an introduction to underwater photography, looking at the different types of cameras and housings, o-rings, strobes, fibre optic and sync cords and transporting your gear.  And of course he couldn't resist including his feature in the latest Divelog magazine - well done Danny for being Spotlight Photographer for September!

The exhibition of images continues to be admired - it's fantastic seeing such a great range of images from 15 different photographers and from a wide range of cameras, from SLR to compact with internal flash only.

For many of us, tomorrow will be our first dunk into the water.  Let's see what we can shoot!


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