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Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 3

Whales, dolphins and sharks - oh my!

the crew at South West Rocks 

Day three of our road trip at South West Rocks was a cracker.


The guys at South West Rocks Dive Centre sorted us out with tanks and weights and it was off to the marina to launch the boat.

the boat

Blue skies, calm seas and a pod of dolphins greeted us as we headed south towards Fish Rock.

Kieren lead the group through Fish Rock Cave on the first dive. His bright video lights illuminated huge sections of the cave, although Nick had to watch out for a slap from Kieren’s freediving fins.


As we exited the cave a few grey nurse sharks were hovering in the sand trench. They were Jase’s first grey nurses and he snapped away with his camera before we ascended over the rise and swam back around to the moorings, where we found a few more grey nurses in the nearby trenches.


A few cups of soup, coffee, biscuits and jelly snakes kept us all happy during the surface interval and then Seanna lead the group into the cave on the second dive. 

 surface interval

The group lingered in the sand trench waiting for the nurses but we only had one swim near us. We had better luck over near the moorings where we saw at least six sharks, including one huge female.


Then on the way back to shore Pete spotted some bow spouts and we stopped to watch a few humpbacks cruise past the boat. 

 humpback whale

Not too bad for half a day, eh?


Quick shower, lunch and it was time to hit the road again for a big five-hour drive to Kieren’s house on the Gold Coast, where his amazing wife Jen had a roast dinner waiting for us!


Tomorrow it’s more grey nurses at Byron Bay. We can’t get enough sharks, nom nom nom.


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  1. Lani
    Lani on 09/05/2011 10:11 a.m.
    Yep, thats a pretty good half day diving! And the roast sounds great too. Jens cooking is great!

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