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Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 5

Hello Queensland!

Today was our first day of diving in the Sunshine State on the HMAS Brisbane with Scuba World out of beautiful Mooloolaba.

Mooloolaba beach

The day started with another disaster - Kieren dropping and cracking his iPhone screen while loading up the Jucy van.

poor Kieren

But luckily that was the only hiccup in what was otherwise a cruisy day. 

Ian gave us a detailed briefing at the shop before we headed out on the boat with Scuba World crew Michael, Kevin and Alex.

the boat

There was a perfect rainbow on the ride out to the wreck, a good omen for our dives.


We had a bit of swell but no current and visibility up to 10 metres. We saw all the usual residents - groper, cod, a blotched fantail ray, batfish, snapper, cardinalfish and a Hawksbill turtle.

Here's one of Jase's shots:

fish at the wreck

The second dive we stayed shallower and swam above the decks and inside the bridge, where we found a lionfish happy to pose for photos.

Check out Scuba World's post about our visit.

We chilled out at Seanna's house for a few hours and then headed north to Rainbow Beach to spend the night before our dive tomorrow at Wolf Rock. The swell is pretty big so the final call is going to be made in the morning.

Two of our Gold Coast diving friends met us and we headed out to dinner.

What we didn't consider was that a smaller town like Rainbow Beach might not have any restaurants or cafes open after 8pm. So dinner ended up being bread, beer and potato crisps.


We're going to need a big breakfast!

Fingers crossed we get out to Wolf Rock, and for your viewing pleasure here's the video of the day:

Video of the Day

Night at Seanna's from kieren curry on Vimeo.


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