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Underwater Festival Blog

Wonderful Whale Island (VIETNAM)

What good luck... the underwater festival this year fell during a long weekend in Vietnam!

Not much diving in Saigon... where to go? Nha Trang has some options - better still, Whale Island a little further north.

How to get there? Left it too late to book a flight or train - every person in Saigon wants to get out of there to the beach on a long weekend... sleeping bus it is! (then another bus from Nha Trang and then a short boat trip) ~14 hours each way!

To the beautiful Whale Island, a quick unpack, set camera up and DIVE, DIVE! 

Friday afternoon + evening - diving in the marine sanctuary bay, sandy bottom some interesting critters cruising around bits of artificial reef.

Saturday DIVE, DIVE, lunch, DIVE, DIVE. Two interesting morning dives one hour boat trip away from whale island. Second dive, named "Phat's wall" should be renamed "Nudi wall!" Two more dives in the marine sanctuary in the afternoon and night... including a seahorse spotting!

Sunday DIVE, DIVE - at probably the BEST site in Vietnam "Three Kings". Slightly difficult conditions, a bit of swell, and a thermacline cloud at 15metres deep - reducing visability to 1m! But... brillant macro species and opportunities for photos.

Then, the long journey home, to work Monday morning, then back home to sort the #825 photos! The best 50 I've posted on facebook for my friends to help choose the magic #5 to submit for the competition!


Good Luck to everyone, and if you're ever in Vietnam - give Whale Island a try, you might be pleasantly surprised! :)

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