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Mola Mola..WTfstop?

Lembongan Island. Amazing. Blue Corner Dive Resort has only been opened since July but what a place! First dive today was Mola Mola. I was in awe, in shock, mesmerized by this massive, gentle, graceful and weird looking creature. I slowly descended beneath him (33 metres and about 21 degrees..brr), took a shot, and needed to get closer. Then took another shot from about 2 metres away...but hadnt changed my f stop!!So a very dark picture! Doh, there is a challenge for tomorrow..more Mola Mola, more paying attention to my camera settings!

We also managed to see a turtle, large eagle ray, cuttlefish(apparently I took photos of the first one seen on the island??) and beautiful healthy coral reef.

A huge drift dive in the afternoon for about 2.5 kms in 40 minutes. And we avoided the place with the really strong current. Happy diving everyone.

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  1. Dazza
    Dazza on 09/07/2011 10:19 p.m.
    Pls give us sum pics?

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