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Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 6

The Big Bad Wolf

Today was one of the most highly anticipated days of the trip. None of us had ever dived Wolf Rock before, but we'd all heard good things.

The protected site is a year-round home to grey nurse sharks, where mating and gestation can be witnessed.

grey nurse

We'd spoken to Kevin from Wolf Rock Dive the day before and he told us he'd have to make the final call about whether or not the dives would go ahead in the morning.

Kieren and Seanna rode with Kevin down the beach to Inskip Point to check out the bar crossing. It was close but Kevin decided to give it a go.

the boat

It was "lumpy" - as Kevin put it - but we got out and half an hour later we were gearing up at Wolf Rock.

We descended down the mooring and transit line and straight away we had about 10 male grey nurses near the sand in 25 to 30 metres. Larry the loggerhead also made an appearance, alongside a single spotted eagle ray.

The second dive was just as good, even if we had less no-deco time and the visibility had dropped.

Wolf Rock

It was a much smoother ride back to the marina and after washing our gear we chatted with Kevin over a beer - now that's Queensland diving!

the crew with Kevin

We decided to stay in Rainbow Beach again to night, and then drive up to Bundaberg in the morning for a shore dive - which we hope will be macro heaven - tropical soft corals on black volcanic rocks.

And we learned our lesson after last night's dinner debacle. We were at the surf lifesaving club at 6pm and walked home with full and happy stomachs.

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  1. Bec Crang
    Bec Crang on 09/07/2011 7:55 p.m.
    Any 'video of the day' today???

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