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No big stuff but an exhilirating drift dive!

Well today was not a day for photos. We did 3 dives, the first 2 hunting for big stuff but to no avail. I didnt realise how cold the water temp actually gets here...a very brisk 17 degrees. Lucky for the extra 3mm wetsuit and gloves.

The first 2 dives are on the North side of Lembongan Island and fantastic healthy, clear, clean and colourful sloping wall reefs. Although there are a few dive operators here on the island, you dont get inundated by the Bali day trippers.

Our last dive was by far the most fun. The Mangrove-an awesome drift dive that sometimes shows big critters such as sharks and rays but we decided to stay at between 10-15 metres and enjoy the ride. Probably about 4 knots in speed underwater and a whole lot of fun. Highly recommended!

Tomorrow Blue Corner Dive's resident local guide is taking us somewhere 'special'  to look for Manta's and Mola Mola. Stay tuned!

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