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Seahorses in the snow

I joined the Perth Scuba night dive last night at the Rockingham wreck trail in the hope of getting some decent pics.  Conditions here have been less than ideal and whilst the swell has been dropping, it was still cold and windy.  I had no buddy so was very grateful to the guys for accommodating me and my camera. 

The water was flat and calm and low tide made for a long walk across water only a foot deep.  We soon reached the drop off and followed the sandy slope down to the wreck trail.  The boat wreck known as Target emerged out of the darkness. 

It was my intention to find seahorses and sit with them for the whole dive. I did a couple of circuits of the wreck, looking carefully for seahorses but couldn't spot any.  A few trevally used my torch light to hunt and a few leatherjackets, cowfish and cardinalfish cruised around.  I also saw a metre long eel-looking fish which I still need to ID.

With no seahorses in sight, I headed off along a rope.  A few metrees along I found a male hanging upside down.  I took a few shots but he looked like he was in a snow storm so I followed the rope a little further to find another two.  One male sat so nicely for me, posing beautifully and allowing me to get very close.  He wasn't at all worried about my torchlight.  The usually shy creatures generally turn away from the light but this little guy just kept on posing. 

After an hour, my buddy signalled that it was time to leave.  I could have stayed for another half hour - I was toasty warm in my drysuit and still had plenty of air.  But it was time for my wetsuit-clad buddy to get back to the surface and into the warm, dry car.

We completed our safety stop on the slope and headed back to the surface.  The water was still flat and calm and the tide still out.  As we approached the beach, I almost stepped on a large stingray feeding in a foot of water.  I think we both freaked each other out!

Another night dive is on the cards tonight ahead of (hopefully) a full weekend of diving.



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