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Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 7

A slight change of plans

We had hoped to do a shore dive in Bundaberg today but after arriving at the dive shop to find the visibility was only one metre, we decided to get our day of driving done and go all the way to Ayr.


For the past few days we had been in contact with the shop in the hopes of getting on a boat out to Cochrane Reef. When that fell through the shore dive was our back up plan.


Catherine - the lovely woman in the dive shop - said we could wait for the tide to change and wash out some of the murky water, but predicted that would only improve the visibility by another metre - not worth trying to take photos and shoot video.


So we regrouped, rang the dive shop in Ayr and booked the last two spots on their trip out to the Yongala tomorrow.


Unless one of the other divers cancels it looks like we’ll be playing 'rock paper scissors' for the two spots tomorrow, and then all four of us will go out on Saturday as originally planned.


We planned to stop in Rockhampton for a late lunch but Kieren's "mysterious" roadside cafe ended up being 200km away. There was nearly a mutiny aboard the Jucy van, but we stopped for some snacks and eventually had some dinner at Mackay's surprisingly busy Maccas.


We're hoping to get into Ayr by about midnight.


Wish us luck!


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