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3 from a distance...And an awesome special spot

Well finally, we saw 3 Molas, but alas from a distance and they were at about 45-50 metres! We took the boat early to Crystal bay to avoid the masses. And we literally only just missed them. As we wer ascending from 30 metres, there were literally about 5 groups descending to the same spot...that works out to be at least 30 divers!

Then our guide, Emo, (not like gothic emo) took us to his special place that only local dive guides apparently know about. A magical cave. It was pretty cool and nice for something different. It's a beautiful swim through but you have to go at the right time with the surge and strong current in the area.

Last dive was back to another "possible" Mola area but no luck. We did see some huge Moray Eels (as big as nessie on The Coolidge) and also a huge Lionfish, which are not as prevelant here as other areas.

2 more days but tomorrow might be a late start. It's Blue Corner Dives Friday Night Island Party. Apparently not one to be missed!

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