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Archives Sept. 9, 2011

Underwater Festival Blog

Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 8

The Great Divide

The crew was divided for the first time on the trip, with Seanna and Jason's names being drawn from the hat for the two spots left on today's Yongala trip.

the Yongala map

That left Kieren and Nick to fend for themselves, but the resourceful outcasts found a ...

3 from a distance...And an awesome special spot

Well finally, we saw 3 Molas, but alas from a distance and they were at about 45-50 metres! We took the boat early to Crystal bay to avoid the masses. And we literally only just missed them. As we wer ascending from 30 metres, there were literally about 5 groups ...

A special "goodnight"

Three of us jumped into the cold silty water at Ammo Jetty last night to see what critters would show their faces.

Surprisingly, there were no fisherman on the jetty, quite an unusual sight for a wind-free evening.  It made our dive easier, not having to worry about getting hooked ...