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A special "goodnight"

Three of us jumped into the cold silty water at Ammo Jetty last night to see what critters would show their faces.

Surprisingly, there were no fisherman on the jetty, quite an unusual sight for a wind-free evening.  It made our dive easier, not having to worry about getting hooked.

The usual suspects were out and about - blennies, octopus, flathead, a few nudis, sea apples, a cute baby Port Jackson shark and a few seahorses.  Viv spotted a gorgeous bright orange seahorse with its tail wrapped around a finger of telesto coral.  He was loving the attention and posing beautifully, not like some of his friends who were shying away from the camera.

But the best part of the dive was the special "goodnight" from a dolphin in the shallows.  We were exiting the water when he/she made a few passes about 20 metres away, gliding his/her dorsal fin high out of the water and blowing us air kisses to say goodnight.


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  1. Greg Thomms
    Greg Thomms on 09/10/2011 10:06 a.m.
    Really... Damn missed out :(

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