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The Great Ceninngan Wall

We finally got to a superb wall dive, Cenningan Wall on the South East Corner of the island. Emo has been trying to get us on here for the past few days but currents have been too strong. Lembongan has major current changes here and it is hard to plan for the whole day diving at times. There was only the three of us again with our fantastic local dive guide Emo. This wall is littered with colourful reef and so many schools of fish....and a Mola Mola. He must have been coming past from Crystal bay. But at 40 metres (again) he didnt want to hang around long and do any posing for us :(( Towards the end was major current and it was interesting hanging on for the safety stop (sideways).

Blue Corner (the dive site) is another fantastic tiered wall dive. A couple of beautiful Marble Ray's were here. This is stunning dive at any time. A moderate current brought hope of some larger stuff like sharks and turtles but no such luck.

So while we enjoyed our time below water, part of me wiches I was up on the boat. Twice they say Mola Mola jumping out of the water. Why couldnt they have done that within 3 metres on our safety stop.

There is always day and the pressure is on..


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