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What I love about the WA fringe event is that it's not all about diving and taking photos.  There are opportunities for people to learn, to have useful information go in, which hopefully stays in, to help us take better photos.

Yesterday afternoon we had a repeat of Peter Nicholas' talk on underwater models.  Peter rejigged his talk to include new images and I think we all came away inspired to chuck on the wide angle lens and head to the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben for some practice.  Now, just need to find the perfect model!

Ian Robertson's talk on composition will surely have us all thinking more carefully before we press the shutter.  Using his own images and those from famous pohotographers like Jim Church and Martin Edge, Ian illustrated composition tips (and mistakes made).

Finally we had Patrick Baker, who unfortunately lost his presentation just an hour before he was due to give it.  A quick swap of times with Ian and Patrick had time to pull something together.  We all donned funky 3D glasses for his talk and took in the HMAS Sydney, the Batavia and Pandora in fantastic 3D.  Seeing the photo of Patrick's camera collection (more than 170 cameras and housings) was amazing!

A big thanks again to those who have shared their advice, tips and knowledge to help the rest of us here in WA.

Now, time to go diving and get those final shots!



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