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Underwater Festival Road Trip Day 10

Last Port of Call

the crew at Port Douglas

We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful surrounds for our the final day of our road trip than Port Douglas.


After a Top Gear drive along the coastal road to Port Douglas, the crew checked in with Quicksilver for our three-dive day trip on the Silversonic out to Agincourt Reef.


The massive twin-hull cat powered through the swell and wind, making for a surprisingly comfortable ride out to the outer reef.


After having 16-20C water temperatures, hitting a 25C water temperature with reasonable good visibility (15 metres) was a treat and the dives seemed to fly by. An hour felt like 20 minutes as we cruised the reefs, which were colourful and had plenty of life despite a bit of damage from Cyclone Yasi.


The first dive was at The Point, which Nick and Seanna explored probably a bit too far around the corner and then had a 20-minute surface swim back to the boat after chasing a school of bumphead parrotfish.


It was a quite drive over to Barracuda Bommie for the second dive, which Nick and Seanna chose to shoot macro.


The bommie had even better fish life with barracuda, unicorn fish, garden eels, coral trout, nudibranchs and a giant clam.


It was Kieren’s last dive since his flight was early the next morning, so he made the most of his last filming opportunity for the festival.


We had a quick lunch before jumping into the water for the final dive at Turtle Bay (Kieren snorkelling).


We didn’t see any turtles but Seanna found an anemonefish to occupy herself and Nick cruised out wider in search of a few final subjects.


The end of the dive was topped off by the friendly Napoleon Wrasse which gets fed by a few of the operators. He definitely looked well fed.


Back in Cairns, we celebrated with cocktails and a nice meal on the pier.


Looking back on the trip, we agreed that if we do another road trip next year, it will be in one state so we can spend a bit more time at each dive site.


We’re all happy we did the epic road trip but did we get any winning shots? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Video of the day


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  1. SharkMan
    SharkMan on 09/12/2011 1 p.m.
    Well done guys I wish I could have made the trip with you.

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