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Last dive...Success for the shot I wanted

Lost internet on the last days and got hit with bali belly 2 hours after my last dive (thankfully). The pressure was on. I still didnt have the shots I was looking for but thanks to Emo and a super early start at Crystal Bay it all fell into place. My own Mola Mola at 34 metres. Another one came up behind the rest of our dive group and kept them entertained which was fortunate. Only 4 shots taken before they took off.

South Manta Point wasnt as lucky. Not only poor visibility with the surge and swell but also lots of other divers and boats. There were plenty of Manta's but they were too busy frolicking on the surface near breaking waves and rocks. It would have been better to snorkel!

But that just means I will have to go back another time...what a shame.


Good luck to everyone with their entries. I know there will be some AMAZING images comgin from all around Australasia.

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